Our document toolkit - DocTk - is a 'software as a service' (sas) product which provides the user with administration web pages which access the various modules of DocTk. You don't have to buy or manage any hardware to use all or part of the system.

The core of the system is a server based print workflow which can be configured, managed and used in production entirely via the web. Typically, DocTk takes print jobs or orders of a variety of types and/or formats, processes them according to a set of rules then produces the output as required. DocTk also supports our 'Xddf' format intelligent documents which can be used to build on-screen, editable documents which can then be placed as orders, converted to pdf etc.

The idea is very simple: we (or you) use your administration site to set up the various modules to build the system you need. This may be anything from an ordering website to a full workflow which can send print directly to your digital presses, or those of our output partners, anywhere in the world. If required, shopping basket ordering sites can be added to your website or those of your clients, or we can set up filters to convert your order data into doctk orders.

What does it do?

  • Accept input (jobs, orders, workflow instructions) via email. You can configure how e-mails are parsed and used. For example, you might have a legacy system which generates orders as e-mails with a pdf attached. Using DocTk, you can accept these e-mails and generate orders from them.
  • Accept jobs containing variable data from spreadsheets or csv files. For example, you might have a database extract of names and addresses. Upload to DOcTk and you can have personalised documents produced ready for imposition.
  • Use data from existing web pages to build print ready pdf documents. For example, a company wishing to use DocTk to produce its branded stationery can use this feature to extract variable data from it's own intranet (eg employee names and job titles) to be used to produce business cards for its employees.
  • You can take s simple chunk of html and insert it into your corporate webpage which will generate a brand compliant, editable document all ready for user customisation and ordering.
  • Provide a range of user interfaces suitable for end user order tracking, pre-press job management, despatch etc.
  • On-line imposition can deliver customer jobs to digital presses ready imposed with customisable tracking data, despatch bar-codes etc.
  • Output jobs in a variety of formats at any physical location. For example, you can send the finished impositions to digital printers appropriate to their eventual delivery addresses. Press4print uses this feature to send jobs to London where they are to be delivered in Europe, or Houston for delivery in North America, Beijing for delivery to China, etc.
  • DocTk communicates easily with JDF enabled equipment.

Who is it for?

  • System integrators use DocTk to provide print & stationery solutions for their customers.
  • Print providers use DocTk to manage their in-house workflow, but also to publish it, or part of it, to their end users.
  • Print buyers use DocTk to integrate document ordering and customisation into their company IT workflow.
  • Web site builders can incorporate Printflo intelligent documents into company websites to allow website users to order print using standard 'shopping basket' type systems.

How much does it cost?

We charge you or your customer a simple small transaction fee for each job processed. There may be set up charges too, depending on the amount of work of work required and the expected throughput.

Find out more?

For more information, [Contact us].