Welcome to Unified Technology

Unified Technology Ltd was formed in 1986 and has been supplying digital solutions to the print industry ever since. We wrote the very first commercially available PC based desktop publishing system in the 1980s, we pioneered internet based job-tracking in the 1990s, and now we use our Press4print and Doctk systems to take orders and manage the print workflows for some 9000 stationery orders a month for many of the world's biggest companies and organisations.

Accept print orders from legacy systems via email, from csv files, web forms.

Doctk can handle just about anything for input. You might have an existing system which end-users use to order their business cards. It's output might be an e-mail to your printer, a purchase order, xml, a spreadsheet file of print data, raw text file with the users details or you might have a system which can assemble print ready pdf's. Doctk can handle all these, and in addition you'll get:

  • On screen proof display and/or approval for orderer.
  • Order tracking for orderer and/or administrator(s).
  • Live automatic imposition of placed orders.

Provide a range of user interfaces suitable for end user order tracking, pre-press job management, despatch etc.

Doctk has a management and production interface which can be integrated into your, or your customer's intranet. Our 'off the shelf' interface is always available, but where specific functionality is needed, an alternative is to use our interface kit. This consists of a set of modules available for a range of commonly available cms's. Using these, we can make the interface you want.

Print buyers use Doctk to integrate document ordering and customisation into their company IT workflow.

For large corporates, Doctk offers a way to implement brand control. Orders can be placed by anyone with a web browser and the orders are then printed by approved suppliers only. Doctk can send orders to print providers anywhere in the world for fulfillment, so both print quality and location – and hence delivery time – are optimised.

Web site builders can incorporate Doctk intelligent documents into company websites to allow users to order print using standard 'shopping basket' type systems.

You are putting together a website for a corporate end user; imagine what an asset it would be to be able to add a couple of chunks of html and allow your customer's employees to order their business cards themselves! Your client gets faster turnaround, consistent quality and order tracking.

On-line imposition can deliver customer jobs to digital presses ready imposed with customisable tracking data, despatch bar-codes etc.

Our imposition module can be configured to support multiple spread formats to support your press's requirements. Gutters, marks, rows and columns, sides etc can all be configured via the web interface. The optional top-sheet can include user specified text, pdf overlays and tracking bar codes.